Security Agenda for africa

About Us


EST. 2004 - Ngn

Security Agenda for Africa (SAFA) is a non Governmental, not for profit organization (NGO) registered with the Nigerian corporate affair commission (CAC). It advances the social, human and physical security agenda for Africa in a holistic, workable and enduring manner.


SAFA was born in response to urgent need for more heads and hands to come together and articulate a security and development agenda for Africa and indeed all part of the underdeveloped world.


Knowing that development does not strive in absence of security, we are aware that the aspiration of the African continent to savor from the pot of development will remain a mirage, until the age long  security challenges is given serious attention and tackled.

Our goal

Our critical mission therefore,  is to empower, encourage and to strengthen in  all area that borders on security and development of the African continent, through advocacy, peace building, peace promotion, mediation, research, training and thus bridge the gap between the govern and the government. 

By security, we go beyond policing kind of security, to include justice, democracy, social security, food, financial, employment, government policies, culture, and so on. We believe that when proper attention is paid to these lots, the structural and physical violence, so common in Africa and the major reason for the slow pace of development will be addressed.

We are concerned about the need to initiate and implement change through workable programmes, network and approach to best practices for the whole area of human and physical security.

We go about this by deploying a mix of participatory tools to promote corporate and individual involvement, and thus set the platform where peace, development and security issues would be addressed, initiating conflict resolution and facilitating dialogue.  SAFA works through a network of civil society groups, individual activist’s, professionals, concern persons, researchers, etc, that care about Africa development and security.

More Info

  • Phone: +234 80 345 235 64
  • Address: Suite D13, Patsy Plaza, Opp. Redeem, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria

Registered Objectives

the following are the registered objectives

1. To preach peace in Africa

2. To initiate and support the enforcement of all peaceful initiative in africa

3. To research, conceive and initiate measures capable of ensuring security in africa

4. To identify and advocate for the enforcement of all security imperatives in Africa

5. To liaise with and support other credible non- governmental organizations whose objectives are akin to ours, and

6. To liaise with and support national development and security policies of the administration.


We give the following full support


  1. Security Stakeholders
  2. Local Government authorities
  3. Traditional rulers
  4. Youth
  5. Elderly men and women
  6. Widows
  7. Physically challenge persons