Group Bemoans State Of Health Facilities In Nigeria

The Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MSA), affiliated to the International Socialist Alternative (ISA), has blamed the ruling and political elites for the deteriorating and deadly conditions of health facilities in the country.

The group, in a statement by Dagga Tolar, said that the country has yet to make any headway against Coronavirus, lamenting the lack of PPE for healthcare workers

Tolar said, “The easing of the lock-down is not based on any  medical breakthrough in the fight against the COVID-9 pandemic. The regime is in complete paralysis and has demonstrated a false sense of surprise at the comatose state of health facilities in the country.

“The ruling elites should be held responsible for the deadly conditions of health facilities in Nigeria, given the growing shortfall in budgetary allocation to the health sector, and the preference of the ruling elites to travel abroad for any form of medical check-up or treatment.” 

Tolar also slammed the labour unions for not moving against private organisations.

He said: “Already, private institutions have silently begun the sacking of workers, a situation that decades of contract-staffing and anti-labour practices have made easier. Some of these companies hide behind COVID-19 downturn to carry out this unwholesome sack.

“The leadership of the labour movement  has once again demonstrated its unwillingness and unpreparedness to provide leadership for their aspirations for improvement in the masses’ living conditions. A crisis like this exposes the true orientation of socialists or activists, because of the unavailability of middle grounds. “





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